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Fraternity and Sorority Life at Kansas State
Fraternity and Sorority organizations at Kansas State University have an over 100 year history of defying stereotypes, exceeding standards, and maximizing potential of our undergraduate members. Each of our 35 chapters strive to build a connected community, bonded over shared values of academic excellence, service to the community, and fellowship with others. 

Over 3,000 students are actively involved on our campus, approximately 20% of the Kansas State University student body. For over 30 years, our fraternity and sorority GPA has been higher than the All-University GPA. There are hundreds of leadership opportunities through the organizations and many community service opportunities in and around Manhattan. 

Fraternities and Sororities are governed by the Interfraternal Council and Panhellenic Council. They are made up of 9 members each. You can learn more about each council and the organizations they serve through the links below.
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004 K-State Student Union

918 N. MLK Jr. Dr.

Manhattan, KS 66506


Why did we chose the FSL community?

"[I] have been given a safe place to grow as a leader!"

"It has given me opportunity to find deeper involvement"

"It has taught me how to be a leader, has shown me different perspectives through diverse sisterhood, and has given me a lifelong community and friendships!"

"A chance to create meaningful friendships"

" [it] provided that sense of community and belonging I was searching for when I came to college"

"They have all taught me so many different skills including leadership, being inclusive, and having passion."

"Manhattan really has become a home away from home for me because of the relationships I’ve formed with the women in my chapter!"

"Sorority life has been meaningful to me because it has provides opportunities to go to and participate in fun events, put passion towards philanthropy, and connect with a close-knit community here at K-State!"

"I would say joining the sorority life has been one of my best decisions next to coming to K-State"

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