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Academic Reports

For over 30 years, Fraternity and Sorority members have had a higher GPA than the university as a whole. Check out our recent grade reports below.

Fall 2022 IFC Report

Fall 2022 PHC Report

Spring 2022 IFC Report

Spring 2022 PHC Report

Fall 2021 IFC Report

*Fall 2021 PHC Report not calculated

Spring 2021 PHC Report

*Fall 2021 IFC Report not calculated

Fall 2020 IFC Report

Fall 2020 PHC Report

Spring 2020 IFC Report

Spring 2020 PHC Report

Fall 2019 IFC Report

Fall 2019 PHC Report

Spring 2019 IFC Report

Spring 2019 PHC Report

Want to see more? Contact us for more than 12 years of academic reports.

*Due to staffing transitions in 2021 and FERPA policy, Fall 2021 PHC and Spring 2021 IFC Reports were unable to be calculated. 

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