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Interfraternal Community

The Fraternity Community at a Glance

The fraternity community at Kansas State is made up of 21 chapters. Each organization has a variety of leadership opportunities, host philanthropic events, hold their members to high academic achievement, and prioritize holistic growth of their individual members. 18 of the chapters have a facility located within a mile of campus and typically require members to live-in during their freshman and sophomore year.


SCHOLARSHIP - Students of all majors can find academic support and accountability within the FSL community through upperclassmen mentors, study hours, and other on-campus resources. The All-FSL GPA has been higher than the All-University GPA for 32 years!
LEADERSHIP - Gain hands-on, transferable experience by leading a committee, executive board, or program for your fraternity/sorority. FSL also encourages on-campus involvement to make students well-rounded pre-professionals.
SERVICE & PHILANTHROPY - Raise awareness and funds for local and national organizations, while prioritizing community service in the K-State and Manhattan community. A full service and philanthropy report is on our website!
BROTHERHOOD & SISTERHOOD - Fraternities/Sororities plan & provide great opportunities for members to spend time together, serving as a place of belonging and support during college. Even after graduation, chapters offer alumni networks nationwide, which provide invaluable resources for finding careers and maintaining your college friendships.
EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMING - Sororities and fraternities train and educate their members on risk management, harm reduction, sexual violence, mental health, time management, and more. Throughout your experience, you will be exposed to alumni, mentors, conferences, motivational and educational speakers, and more to help you grow and develop personally and professionally.


View our full list of 21 Fraternities and their Contact Information 

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