Financial Information

Each student joining a sorority/fraternity should consider the dues, fees, and other expenses. During recruitment, a potential member should ask chapters about financial obligations and payment options. Each sorority/fraternity sets its own fees and housing costs, as well as payment schedules. The first year is typically higher as it includes many one time fees (new member fees, badges, etc.) Your student will be given financial information from the chapter leadership; it is their responsibility to convey that information to you. Discuss payment options, what dues you are or aren't willing to cover, and more as they begin their process.

Housing Information

Thirty-two fraternities and sororities have a chapter facility, which are off-campus, but within walking distance. All facilities are independently owned and operated differently. Some have local housing corporation boards and others have inter/national housing management companies. All of the sorority houses and more than half of our fraternity houses are alcohol free. All of the chapter houses are complete residential facilities offering a meal plan, laundry facilities, and more through the individual organizations. A majority of houses are supported by a house director. They serve as a host to the chapter and help with the general management of the facility.

The sorority costs are listed below.  Fraternity financial information for 2020-21 is being collected.​

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