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Informal Recruitment

Overview of our Year Round Informal Process

Chapters are already recruiting for the spring and fall semesters. Register for the database below, which gives your contact and involvement information to all chapter recruitment chairmen. If you are interested in specific chapters, consider reaching out to their recruitment chairmen through email or text. From there, you may be asked to visit with chapter members, attend a spring recruitment event, or have dinner with the men if or when they visit your hometown. All IFC recruitment should be alcohol-free. If you have questions about your recruitment experience or what your next step should be, contact IFC Director of Recruitment Bryston Warren.

If you have recently received a bid from one of the 21 IFC fraternities, congratulations! Throughout this spring and summer, recruitment chairmen will be extending invitations to join their fraternity. This invitation is often called a bid and may be verbally extended or in a written communication (email, letter, etc.). The chapter will provide a bid card with your name on it, ensuring your spot in their chapter for the fall semester. This is what binds you to their chapter and is an official document. Chapters with facilities may also give you a housing contract to complete.

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