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Parents & Family

Parents and family members are encouraged to create shared experiences with their student throughout their college experience. Consider what fraternity or sorority life could contribute...

It is no secret that people go through an immense amount of change in college; changing environments completely and learning to gain independence is quite the balancing act when paired with coursework and managing one's time. Our community is focused on a growth mindset, and we are always looking to help build up our members to reach the potential we see in each and every person.
At K-State, the FSL Community thrives on making connections and creating positive, shared experiences between all groups of people. While we are so excited to welcome members into our community each year, we know that means some parents won't see their students every day after school anymore. The Fraternity & Sorority Community prides itself on being able to help a young men and women navigate this change while building their professional and personal development skills. 

We encourage any mother or father who is looking to help strengthen their connection with their student in college to learn about how their fraternity or sorority  values family, cares for your student while they are in Manhattan, and organizes yearly events tailored to treating YOU


Parent's Days and Family Weekend

Each year our Fraternity and Sorority chapters host a variety of events to welcome and involve parents and families in their college and greek experience. Dads Day, and Family/Siblings Day is typically held in the Fall, while Moms Day is typically held in the Spring. These are organized and communicated by the chapters individually. 

Kansas State hosts family weekend each year, inviting all members of the K-State family (that's you) to Manhattan for the weekend to enjoy some football, tailgating, and trips to our favorite spots in Manhattan. Family Weekend 2022 was September 16-17th. Check back after 2023 Family Weekend is published by the university for updates and our list of things to do!

Information and Resources

While the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life promotes and facilitates the recruitment process, once a student has become a member of an organization, their chapter is typically the best resources to answer your questions regarding housing specifics, requirements of membership, finances and dues, and upcoming events. 

Need to contact the FSL Office directly? Email or call our office at 785-532-5546. 

Potential New Member Parents

Is your student thinking about joining a Fraternity or Sorority? Visit the recruitment pages found in the drop-down menu to learn more about the process in general. Fraternity recruitment typically begins in the student's Spring semester of their Senior year of high school. Sorority recruitment registration opens on May 1st and typically takes place the week before school begins in the Fall of their freshman year of college. Recruitment is also open to sophomore students, transfer students, and in some circumstances juniors or seniors. 


Visiting the K-State campus soon? When registering for your visit with the Office of Recruitment and Admissions, indicate that you are interested in learning about Fraternity and Sorority Life and we'll schedule an office visit for you to meet with a current student ambassador!

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