Parents and family members are encouraged to create shared experiences with their student throughout her college experience. Consider what fraternity or sorority life could contribute...

It is no secret that people go through an immense amount of change in college; changing environments completely and learning to gain independence is quite the balancing act when paired with coursework and managing one's time. Our community is focused on a growth mindset, and we are always looking to help build up our members to reach the potential we see in each and every person.
At K-State, the FSL Community thrives on making connections and creating positive, shared experiences between all groups of people. While we are so excited to welcome members into our community each year, we know that means some parents won't see their students every day after school anymore. The Fraternity & Sorority Community prides itself on being able to help a young men and women navigate this change while building their professional and personal development skills. 
We encourage any mother or father who is looking to help strengthen their connection with their student in college to learn about joining a fraternity or sororityOur shared experiences may look different this year, but we do not want that to deter us from furthering our relationships with those who we love.