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Weekly Greek Newsletter: Special Edition COVID-19

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Members of the FSL community:

It is with heavy hearts that we write this newsletter. The Panhellenic and Interfraternity Councils are, as most of you are aware, working remotely for the next eight weeks in order to "flatten the curve" of the rapidly-growing cases of COVID-19. During this "Coronacation," as people have deemed it, the FSL office in the Student Union has been closed and the staff is working remotely as well.

While we are sad that we won't be back on campus until August, we are hopeful that we can still connect Fraternity and Sorority Life at K-State to all members of our community. We want to offer the resources to you that you may need during this period of change, but also offer you some comfort in knowing that we are still here and we are continuing to help bring the community closer in the era of social distancing.

Most importantly, we want you all to take care of yourselves. If you have the capacity to, take care of others, but make sure that you are taking time to yourself in this transition away from campus. When adapting to change, it is important that you give yourself a grace period. This can be used to learn to navigate new tasks, such as Zoom services, learning how to better use your time online, to spend time on yourself, and bond with your brothers and sisters.


FSL Update

As we are sure most of you have guessed, all of our on camps, in-person events have been cancelled and/or moved to the fall semester. We are looking toward the future with plans for virtual meetings with chapter members and other stakeholders. Other information on future events in the community are here:

  • The American Red Cross is still hosting a blood drive in Manhattan next week, but it’s now happening in the London Room at the Holiday Inn across from campus. If you have members who live in town, encourage them to help out, as healthy donors are more important than ever! The Red Cross hosts blood drives all over the country, so it’s great to seek them out elsewhere, too.

  • Polar Plunge will now be held virtually in conjunction with the statewide 14-day challenge. More information can be found at

PHC will still be holding the Panhellenic Recruitment Virtual Webinar in April, and more information will come soon. As for IFC chapters, all chapters are recruiting individually, so contact the individual chapters for more information.

Always follow guidance from CDC, WHO, the University, and local authorities/law enforcement to keep yourself and others as safe as possible.

Please also follow guidance from your Exec teams and Headquarters. We understand and recognize how tough this transition must be for everyone, but we ask that you remember that this is also tough for the leaders in our chapters to help manage all of the change.


Health and Wellness

If you feel like this transition may be too much or is not going the best, K-State Counseling services is offering Telehelp Mental Health Support.

Students can call (785) 532-6927 for a phone consultation.

You can make these calls if you are feeling thoughts of anxiety, depression, suicide, or if you have experienced any form of assault or believe to be struggling with anything else.

Counseling Services is also providing virtual workshops and self-care webinars. Follow this link for more information regarding activities Counseling Services puts on every week to stay well.

ULifeline provides tips for staying well with transitions from college in this pandemic as well, so try this link for tips on things like sleep, exercise, nutrition, stress management, relaxation, and connectedness.

Over 25 gyms and fitness centers are offering free virtual sessions for you to follow along to:

Being home and taking online class may be completely foreign territory for people. So, in order to stay productive, here is a link for the best tips and tricks on getting work done when all you want to do is be lazy!


Staying Connected and Engaged

Now, one thing people may be struggling with is staying connected to brothers and sisters while being separated during the school year. While it is hard to stay connected from opposite ends of the state, country, or even town, we want you to still feel connected to us and each other.

Here are some resources to help stay connected and feel engaged!

  • Google Chrome has a Netflix Party extension to add a live chat to anything you watch. You can get the shareable link through the extension and watch with friends!

  • A List of 53 Activities to do by yourself or with friends through the computer or on your phone. Here are some of our favorites:

-> Puppy Cams (#45)

-> Zoom dance parties, study groups, workout sessions

-> Creating a playlist to share with your friends (#2)

  • Use technology and check in with your friends and family as much as possible!

  • Get virtual coffee with someone to check in and feel a personal connection.

  • Create a daily routine to help you transition to living either at home or apart from your friends (and family if applicable)

  • Take up a new hobby! There are virtual webinars online to learn how to do everything from playing an instrument to painting like Bob Ross.

  • Remember to take time to yourself as well. Read, journal, study, take a nap, do what makes you happy.


K-State Resources

K-State Resources (academics, health and safety, off-campus resources, and financial resources):

Libraries (research help and finding textbooks):

If you’re starting to worry about struggling in class, try Zooming with an Academic Coach! Here is the link with more information:


Stay healthy and happy! We will be back next week with more information.

To contact FSL with any comments or questions, please email

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