Recruitment Experience 2021: February 21 & 27

Meet men from from all IFC chapters and kickstart your recruitment experience! Click here to register.

This is virtual event allows you to connect with current K-State men and see what their fraternity experience has been like - and what yours could be! Registration for this event is $10, and covers materials and technology. If the cost is prohibitive to you attending, please email our director.

What is Fraternity Recruitment Weekend?

Fraternity Recruitment Weekend is an opportunity for men to connect with any and all IFC fraternities.

This year, the virtual component will be 1-5 pm Sunday, February 21. It will take place over Zoom and all participants will receive chapter videos, a packet of reports, and a how-to guide from our directors of recruitment in January to prepare for the live sessions that Sunday.

While we are still waiting for Kansas State and Riley County Health Department guidelines to be set for the spring, you can tentatively pencil in Saturday, February 27 as a day for small group, follow-up activities. More details coming soon!

Why should I participate in Fraternity Recruitment?

If you are looking for a chance to meet the driven, talented, kind leaders of our fraternity community, this is it! You will have time to connect with one or all 22 of our chapters during the Virtual Fraternity Experience Day - which can give you a better sense of what chapters you might find a home in. 

This is also a low-risk event - if you meet some chapters and decide fraternity isn't for you, all you've done is meet some more K-State students on a Sunday afternoon (no travel required!). But we think you'll find men that you can call brothers and a fraternity you can call home.