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Fraternity and Sorority Life

A Community to Call Home

 Our mission: As members of Fraternity and Sorority Life, we are united with the passion to build aspirational men and women. Through gaining connections and living out leadership, we empower our community to become stronger than we began.

Personal Growth

From the second you step into our community to graduation day, you will be presented with endless opportunities to grow and challenge yourself.

One of our members stated that someone else in her chapter was able to affirm qualities within her that she didn’t yet notice in herself. Whether it’s being encouraged to apply for a position within a student organization, being surrounded by people with diverse interests, or simply building value within your own experiences, being a member of Fraternity and Sorority Life will help you grow qualities within yourself to be a strong leader and community member.


When meeting with members of each of our fraternities and sororities, we asked them a variety of questions pertaining to what they’ve gained throughout their experience. The number one answer we heard: Confidence.

Whether you come to K-State with your entire graduating class or you come from out-of-state not knowing a single person, being a member of FSL surrounds you with a community that will instill confidence within you and help you be your most authentic self.

One member said, “Looking back on the day that I joined my chapter, I just feel so much more outgoing. I came into college knowing no one, but once I ran to my big one Anderson Lawn, I knew it was going to be the best thing I decided to do in college. I feel like I came out of my shell and have no hesitations of being my true self in front of my sisters.”



Being a member of FSL means that you have a common interest with over 3,600 hundred people. This bond is something that extends to not only active members, but also our alumni. Getting the chance to make professional connections with alumni is a unique feature of our community.

Our community rallies around members both as they go through hard times, but also as they celebrate victories. One member commented that a fellow member’s mom was diagnosed with cancer. Each week at chapter, they would spend a moment in silence for her. The day when she became cancer free was an indescribable moment for that chapter as they got to celebrate alongside their brother. 


In addition to forming connections on a personal level, our community consists of chapters that are unified. We aren’t just 14 sororities and 23 fraternities, we are one community. This is evident through our philanthropy events. Seeing members of other chapters coming to support the cause of a different chapter is a tangible representation of the culture of support we have fostered within FSL.

Impactful Friendship

FSL is a place where everyone is welcome and everyone is family. Creating lifelong friendships is one of the pillars of our community. Getting the chance to live in the chapter facility, find mentors among older students and meet people with different majors and interests is something unique to FSL. While everyone has their own niche, everyone else is there to support them in that.

Getting to form bonds with those who are older than you and finding mentors through that.

One member said: “This is the place where you know you will have the most spontaneous adventures with people you never imagined hanging out with, the most supportive people surrounding you all the time, and the most memories you will have while being in college. These people are not just college friends, but lifelong ones!”

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