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Faces of FSL: February 9

Brooke Bulloch, recent alumna from Pi Beta Phi, has always dreamed of starting a business that would make the world a better place. While at K-State, Brooke majored in accounting and finance. Some questioned her choice of major, but she knew these majors would provide the perfect basis to be an entrepreneur.

By the time her senior year rolled around, Brooke was ready to start her own business and do something she was passionate about, which sparked her idea for Confetti Closet. Something that really helped grow Brooke’s customer base was her involvement in a sorority. She knew she wanted to start this business while still in college so that her friends would tell their friends and help spread the word.

Last summer, Brooke spent the 30-minute drive to her internship each day listening to a different podcast or YouTube video from an entrepreneur who started their own business or boutique. With the money she earned from the internship, she invested in inventory for her boutique and bought the platforms she needed to sell clothing.

While the process has been challenging, Brooke said it is extremely rewarding. When asked what her favorite part of owning a small business is, Brooke said, “My favorite part is helping women feel beautiful in their clothes and helping them love their outfit every day. There is no better feeling than opening up your closet and being excited about what’s in it! Building connections with people who I’ve never met before and gaining support from people I hardly know warms my heart so much and inspires me every day.”

To support Brooke’s business, visit

Instagram: @shop.confetticloset

Facebook:The Confetti Closet.


Madi Carlin, member of Kappa Alpha Theta, began her small business journey with her love for rings. Over Thanksgiving break, she found old wire and started trying out different styles with beads and decided to start selling them! Now she sells both rings and earrings.

One challenge she has faced is deciding what material to buy and picking colors. She often uses the poll feature on Instagram to ask her customers what they would want. Another place she has found useful feedback is with her sorority sisters. By asking her chapter to spread the word, she has found so much support for her business.

When asked what her favorite part of running a business is, she said, “I love seeing when someone receives their rings and sends me a message saying how much they love them. I love to put a smile on someone’s face! I’m looking forward to what 2021 brings and the new customers I will have.”

You can find Madi’s rings on Instagram or Facebook @madringsco. She can make any of the styles on her accounts, found on the “Options” highlight on Instagram, or make a custom order.

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